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The work in this section shall be designated as Textured Concrete in the plans. The work shall include all labor, material, equipment and transportation required to complete the installation of Textured Concrete.

 1.2 Description:

Textured Concrete a cast in place concrete slab, having the surface colored and imprinted with pattern and texture while the concrete is still in the plastic condition. The work is performed on the job site by experienced workmen.

 1.3 Related Work:

        To be completed by the contractor or owner: -

Preparation, finish grading, setting of forms and screeds, and furnishing of reinforcement when required.

        Provide and place concrete.

        Provide and apply Color Hardener.

        Provide and apply Release Agent when required.

        Provide and apply imprinting tools in the proper pattern per specification.

        Removal of Release Agent and washing surface by water jet after concrete has initially cured.

        Provide contraction joints as required.

        Provide and apply two coats of Sealer.

 1.4 Quality Assurance:

The Contractor shall provide a job-site sample to be approved by the Architect prior to start of construction, (Optional)


 2.1 Concrete Mix Design: -

The concrete shall have minimum compressive strength of: -

         4,000 psi in severe freeze thaw areas.

         3,500 psi in moderate freeze-thaw areas.

         3,000 psi in non freeze areas.

 Portland cement shall conform to ASTM C150. TYPE I, II or V, depending on soil conditions. Aggregates shall conform to ASTM C33 and not to exceed 9mm. in size. Mixing water shall be fresh, clean and potable. In freeze thaw areas only, an air entraining agent complying with ASTM C260 shall be used to achieve an entrained air. No admixtures containing calcium chloride are permitted.