Rock & Water

Stamped Concrete

Expose Aggregate


African Bamboo

Swimming Pool






            a. Approved shop drawings related to the work

            b. Materials Manufacturer Technical Data Sheet

            c. Approved Method of Statement for the Construction



            a. Plaxit CP 150 Cement Plaster Render

            b. Jotun paints (Mat)

            c. A-Z Super Sealer

            d. Fosroc (Brush bond) waterproofing

            e. Normal Cement

            f. Blocks 200mmx200mm hollow bloks

            g. Ready mix slump 100 20N OPC


            a. Green mesh serves backing to catch the sprayed cement plaster

            b. 8mm corrugated steel bar for reinforcement

            c. Angle bars

            d. Tie wires

            e. Chicken wire mesh

            f. Welding Rods


e.         TOOLS

            a. Carving tools specially designed to make cracks & texture of rock

            b. Texturing mats

            c. Finishing Trowels

            d. Wire Cutter

            e. Grinder

            f. Steel Cutter


f.          EQUIPMENTS

a. Mixing Pump PFTG5 Super state of the art machine designed to withstand the  

    tough condition of construction sites

b. Welding machine


g.         PREPARATION

            a. Clearing the area. i.e. excavation, lay-outing, etc.

            b. Delivery of materials & equipments to be used on site



            a. Access

Rockworks are usually done before the completion of all the landscaping works and other trades.  It is considered as a decorative finishing item.  Consequently, there should be free access to the installation area and no vehicles, rough usage or other trades mixing and fabrication.

            b. Electrical

Electrical supply should be provided in the job-site specifically single and 3 phase line

            c. Water

                        Supply of  water should always be available on the job-site

            d. Products Handling & Storage

        All materials shall be delivered to project site in sealed container or bags with polyethylene inner bags

        All materials shall be stored undercover and be protected for re-excessive changes in temperature & humidity.  Opened bags should be utilized same day


a. Sub-grades

Base fro lagoons should be well compacted and backfilled before pouring concrete


            b. Concrete

                        Place the concrete blinding 50mm thick


            c. Forms

                        Lay-outing of hollow core concrete blocks for the boundary of the lagoon


            d. Reinforcement

                        Forming the steel structures as prescribed on shop drawings


            e. Plumbing works

                        Lay-out/installation of pipes for the water system of the waterfall


            f. Electrical

        Lay-out electrical pipes for under water lights

        Lay-out electrical pipe for motor pump/filter & switches

        Power supply pipe from main line


            g. Plastering

        Spray 1st coat of Plaxit CP 150 Cement Plaster Render in the whole structure 

        Spray 2nd coat of Plaxit CP 150 Cement Plaster Render in preparation       for the application of the waterproofing


h. Place concrete flooring to cover plumbing works & electrical works on the



            i. Waterproofing

        Apply 2 coats of fosroc brush bond for water proofing and spray 1 coat of Plaxit CP 150 to cover water proofing


j. Finishing/Texturing/Carving

        Spray Plaxit CP 150 on the structure with the desired thickness for the texturing & carving


k. Curing

            After carving, at least 10 days curing


l. Coloring

        Spray the 1st coat of Jotun paint for the base

        Apply/spray the final color of the rocks to attain good effects of a natural rock


m. Applying of Sealer to protect the paint