Rock & Water

Stamped Concrete

Expose Aggregate


African Bamboo

Swimming Pool







Najadah Round about

Stamped concrete

Ali Abdulrahman Ali Ahmad

Waterfall/Stamped concrete

Adel Al Hail Villa

Waterfall/Barbeque/Stamped concrete

Mohammed Al-Okkar Villa

Water fall/stamped concrete

Ali Al Maliki Villa

Waterfall/Barbeque/Stamped concrete

Mubarak Al Nasr Villa

Waterfall/renovation/stamped concrete

Yousef Hassan Villa

Stamped Concrete

Hassan Al-Nuaimi

Lagoon Boulder/Bridge railing/ floor

Mohammed Al Mosalamany

Stamped concrete

Abdulaziz Abdullah Turki Al Subaie

Waterfall/Stamped concrete/barbeque/stone face

PERGOLA Green House

Construction of Waterfall

Mr. Ibrahim Noor

Construction of Planters & Stamped Concrete

Shkh Khalid Bin Jassim Complex

Stamped Concrete and Stone face

Abdullah Al Ghanem

Stamped Concrete/stone face/pergola/waterfall

Naser Al Ansari

Stamped Concrete

Abdulhadi Al Ahbabi

Tent/Stamped Concrete/Stone Face

Al Jaidah Farm

Construction of Waterfall at Ras Laffan (On going)

Sumaya Salem Al Harthy

Stone Face

Sheikh Khalid Bin Thani Al Sharqiun

Stamped Concrete

Dr. Muner Al Qatami


Mohammed Al Raeesi

Planters, waterfall & stamped concrete

Sheikh Mansour Al Thani

Stamped concrete, waterfall

Al Seal Contracting Ė 18 villas

Construction of waterfall

Mr. Basem Al-Aker Villa

Stamped Concrete/Waterfall

Choueifat School

1,200m≤ stamped concrete

Al Muftah Company for Al Shamlan Project

Stamped Concrete for villa at Al-Rayyan

Ashrof Al Ali

Waterfall and stone face for Villa at Al-Rayyan

Naser Al Attiya villa

Stone face/Stamped concrete for villa at Mamoura

Samir Abdulrazaq

Waterfall for villa at Salwa

Majed Al Naimi

Stamped Concrete for villa at Duhail

Emjed Al Jumaila Villa

Stamped Concrete/Waterfall/stone face for villa at Duhail

Mohammed Ali Rashid Al Asiri Villa

Stamped Concrete for villa at Mamoura

Khalid Ali Al Badi

Stone face/stamped concrete for villa at Al-Rayyan

Amer Al Nus

Stone face with barbeque stand

Khalil Jabor Villa

Waterfall for villa at Airport road

Construction Development Company

Stamped Concrete at West bay Four Seasons Hotel

Shk Naser Al-Thani

Softscape & Hardscape work for villa at wukair

Shk Hamad Al-Thani

Softscape & Hardscape work for villa at Wakra

Mr. Mohammed Al-Sowaidi

Stone face & stamped concrete for villa at Kharatiyat

Mr. Abdulrahman Al Maslamani

Stamped Concrete work for villa at Dafna

Abdullah Al Malki

Stamped Concrete for villa at Naser St.

Al Mamoon Swimmingpool

Construction of waterfall at Westbay

HMC-Al Khor

Decorative painting work

Mansour Al- Muslah

Hardscaping and softscaping work at Villa in Al-Rayyan

QP-Uom Messaied

Construction of Artificial Waterfall


Construction of Artificial Waterfall

Shk Khalid Al-Thani

Construction of well & birdís cage

Dr. Nabil Al Salem

Construction of Artificial Waterfall & stamped concrete works


Stamped Concrete Works

Emjed Al Jumaily Villa at Abu Hamour

Stamped Concrete Works

Khalid Naser

Stamped Concrete Works

Construction Development

Stamped Concrete

Al Jazeera Channel TV

Artificial Rockery works/Landscaping

Ali Hassan Boanin

Soft & Hard Landscaping

ARD Al-Khair

Stamped Concrete works